Estimated availability:  2018. Writing the book will take about six months.

The time required for publishing is about two months.

2 Wheels/75 (2W75 – working title): The third book, estimated availability in spring of '19, is underway. Due to increased workload, progress on this book has stalled. 
Tom has progressed beyond the conceptual phase, and is more than ten chapters into the book which continues the series started by "2 Wheels/2 Weeks." The story-line involves George Lawrence working as an intern-architect in Oak Ridge Tennessee, commuting from Knoxville. He buys a new motorcycle, a 1975 BMW R90/6 and uses it to ride to work. Janice is a grad student at the University of Tennessee there in Knoxville. Jerry Fox reappears as do several other characters from 2W²: Grable, Buzz, and others of the bad guys return. 
The Lucky Diamonds motorcycle club is a featured group in the story, and the Devils Demons are also there in their malevolent presence. There is drug dealing and evilness galore.
I expect nothing less than a historic cataclysm by the end of the book. We shall see what transpires.